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Whether your campaign is for consumer awareness, driving footfall to your business or incentivising customers with a discount or offer, Access Point can exclusively offer you the widest choice of till receipt venues.


Our team will ensure there is always a perfect location to showcase your message or promotion alongside the UKs leading retailers.


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Advertise at Argos stores


Argos is the UK's leading digital retailer, offering more than 33,000 products through its various channels including its stores, mobile and website services.


Argos serves around 130 million customers a year through its network of over 750 stores.  It is said that nearly 17 million UK households have an Argos catalogue at home at any time, which equates to two thirds of the population!


The popularity of Argos is only set to grow as the retailer takes steps to install tablet computers in new-look "digital" stores, as well as introducing Argos counters in Homebase stores and placing mini-shops on busy high streets.


We can place your message or offer in the form of a full colour voucher directly into the hand of thousands of Argos customers every week.  This could be a local, regional or even a national campaign providing a highly visible and cost effective method of advertising.


Subwaytill rolls  


We were extremely pleased with the results of the Argos promotion we ran... we effectively doubled our investment on this, bringing new customers.

Victoria Power, Regents Theatre

We have had 115 redemptions from just our first test and still have redemptions coming in. We will definitely be using receipts again.

Fiona Paterson, Wild Wood Wildlife Park.

Argos Customer Profile

  • 70% of the population shop at Argos
  • Varied audience
  • Predominantly C1/C2 customers

Why Choose Argos?


This hugely measurable form of marketing is also very cost effective, with Argos store prices starting from only £725 for a minimum of 33,000 transactions which equates to at least a four week campaign.



  • Choice of 750 stores throughout UK & Ireland.
  • Argos offer a variety of store sizes and locations within shopping centres, retail parks & high streets.
  • Trusted retail brand with broad appeal.
  • Focus on delivering value by selling a wide range of products and leading brands.


Contact our till receipt team for further details on Argos opportunities.



Access Point Poundland


Poundland Till Receipt Advertising


Founded in 1990 and with over 750 stores nationwide*, Poundland is Europe's largest single-price retailer. It offers a range of around 3,000 products across 16 lines including food, kitchen-ware, gifts, healthcare and other products. A number of well known brands such as Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Colgate and Fairy are stocked alongside their own brand products.


Changing Demographics


One of the biggest changes to happen to the discounter market in recent years is the huge shift in shopper demographics.  In 2008, 80% of Poundland's customers were C1-E. However since the recession there has been a huge change in shopping habits with 2 in 5 grocery shoppers visiting a discount store in the last month; a large proportion of those in the AB demographic.


For customers, Poundland is about creating value for them through their fixed price service. This offers an excellent opportunity for till receipt advertisers to provide an attractive and memorable offer or awareness message and tap into a consumer market that is value driven and eager for a deal.


Why Choose Poundland?


This form of marketing offers an excellent return on investment and is highly cost effective.  Exclusive exposure on a Poundland store receipt starts from only £965 for a minimum of 49,000 transactions.


  • Choice of over 800* stores with a large geographical coverage perfect for local, regional and national campaigns.
  • Poundland stores are situated in convenient locations; typically with high footfall and offer access to a mixed demographic that includes harder to reach audiences, ranging from the elderly to students.
  • The value store market is one of the fastest growing segments in the UK, benefitting from the consumer behaviour shift towards value. 
  • Predominantly female audience in the C1-E range, with a large and growing number of AB customers.


*Including 99p Stores in the process of rebranding.


Contact our till receipt team for further details on Poundland opportunities.