Bespoke Pre-printed Till Receipts Generate Extra Sales Income And Encourage Customer Loyalty

I can confirm that all our dealings with Access Point proceed without any problems. Our account manager is most helpful with ideas and making the advertising cost effective and he always follows the order through from inception to delivery.  A great service!

Tom Nicholls, MD, PJ NIcholls Ltd

Make your till receipt stand out by having your own advertising message pre-printed on the reverse.

Till rolls, till receipts, register rolls; however we name them they are a wonderful marketing opportunity for you to encourage customer loyalty, reward your customers or just to advertise a new offering perhaps.

Imagine being able to give a marketing message or return incentive to every one of your customers without the cost of extra printed items, extra distribution costs, costly designers etc.

As a business item that is a necessity, why not take advantage of the available space on the reverse of your receipts?
You don't have to be a large corporate company to be able to benefit from having your own message pre-printed; it is now accessible to any business, large or small who give a receipt to their customers.

Know that each and every one of your customers has gone away with your offer whether it be a voucher, a discount coupon or a new marketing message.

By using our in-house skill and knowledge, we can help you to produce a receipt or till roll that has full colour, eye catching print on the reverse.

It is an extremely successful way to encourage footfall back to your business, especially when using a discount offer.  This type of marketing activity allows you to closely monitor the success of a campaign and your ROI.


preprinted rolls

The Growing Voucher Economy

The voucher, or discount coupon market has continued to gain in popularity amongst consumers, reflecting British consumers' hunger for bargains and discounts.

Vouchers are now used by consumers across all groups; certainly the stigma that was once attached to redeeming a coupon has long gone. In its place is a savvy, price conscious consumer who may well make their purchasing decisions based on genuine discount vouchers that they are given.

You can become part of this voucher phenomenon!



preprinted rolls

Specification Details

Thermal till receipts : 80mm x 80mm x 12.7mm


Quantities start from as little as 140 rolls. All rolls are custom printed on the reverse to your exact design in full colour print.


Included within your costs are all design and artwork, production costs and delivery to one UK address*


Other custom sizes are available dependant on quantity.


*Extra delivery charges may apply for Ireland and some Scotland postal codes.