Promotional Venues For Product Launch

Access Point seat mii product launch

Launching a new product is your first and only opportunity to make a first impression; and a great product launch is a powerful way to bring a brand to life.

Experiences that are focused on engaging the right audience at the right time and in the right location will leave consumers with an understanding of your brand, helping to build a relationship and leave a lasting impression that will hopefully lead to a positive purchasing decision.

Product launches can be challenging but our experienced team will help in ensuring that your event goes to plan. Whether it’s a multi venue roadshow or a one-off event, we can provide the opportunity to connect with specific local audiences within a high footfall promotional space.

With venues across the UK, Access Point are always on hand to help with the planning of your campaign and will assist you in choosing the right location, so that you can match the right customer to your product or service.  Jonathan Coombe, PCH Management


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Whether you're launching a new car, sampling a new product or trying to encourage trial; if a consumer feels engaged and builds a connection to a product they will naturally become willing to share their experience. In our increasingly connected social world that extends the reach of your launch campaign way beyond the event itself, optimising your ROI and increasing brand presence.

With large numbers of potential high footfall locations available, including space in stores or supermarkets and promotion space in shopping centres and busy cities; your brand has the opportunity to connect with thousands of consumers as part of an experiential launch campaign. A bright and contemporary display stand can highlight the key qualities of a product and knowledgeable brand ambassadors can help increase customer interaction and appeal within your target market.

truly imaginative experiential campaign can generate word of mouth and create new brand advocates.  BEcause Brand Experience


Please contact our friendly promotional venue management team for further details on the locations available.