Experiential Marketing & Sampling Activity

Access Point greggs sampling

Experiential marketing has traditionally been used for the sampling of products, predominantly food and drink or smaller household items.

As brand loyalty becomes less important to the consumer, companies and brands within all industries are now working harder than ever to ensure their products and services stand out by providing an attractive and memorable experience at high footfall locations.

Events of this kind within shopping centres alone has increased by over 30% in the last year, with particular growth seen in automotive, technology, services, government and health initiatives as well as the traditional food and drinks industry.

Experiential campaigns provide shoppers with an exciting experience and are hugely popular with venues and consumers alike, as well as providing extensive social media potential for further enhancement of your brands message.

Sainsbury’s used this approach to great effect in its ‘Live Well For Less’ campaign.  A fully fitted ‘Live Well For Less’ kitchen visited UK family events and shopping centres.  Brand Ambassadors were on hand to entice consumers with healthy snack samples and to demonstrate affordable and accessible recipes.  The experience, which reached 60,000 households, was supported with children’s activities and shared on Facebook.


Access Point Sainsbur'y LWFL

A truly imaginative experiential campaign can generate word of mouth, create new brand advocates and reward loyal consumers. Bold and outrageous ideas can be highly effective as long as they remain faithful to the brand values.

BEcause Brand Experience

Access Point can provide the ideal promotional space for your brand campaign within high footfall locations up and down the country.  This could be within a city centre, a train station, a supermarket, a shopping centre, or even at a festival or show.

An interactive campaign that lets people touch, taste and test a product can really bring your brand to life.  Our team can help you to select the perfect promotional venue in order to attract new customers and set you apart from the competition by bringing the personality of your brand to life.

Here are some examples of our favourite experiential campaigns:

The Cadbury #FeelTheJoy campaign invited commuters at a promotional space in Waterloo Station to 'interact' with the large digital screen by swiping at obstacles in order to win chocolate bar prizes.

To celebrate the launch of Ironman 3 the 'Become Iron Man' experience tour visited shopping centres across the UK & Ireland and invited to 'try on' Tony Stark’s Mark 42 armour via an interactive digital screen.


Please contact our friendly promotional venue management team for further details on the locations available.