Customer Acquisition & Field Marketing

Access Point McClure 

Field Marketing is the traditional practice of sending skilled brand ambassadors with an eye-catching display to promote and sell your product or service at promotional venues. These events are designed to increase brand awareness, capture data and ultimately to help you sell your product.

Where your product or service allows, field marketing can generate instant sales, as well as providing vital lead generation and appointment making.

Brand ambassadors will communicate your marketing message at high footfall locations and bring your brand to life by engaging directly with the consumer.  Face to face marketing in this way can have much more of an impact than a flat press advert, as well as allowing your teams to be more targeted on who they approach in order to increase product sales.

For local companies, having space in store within a supermarket or shopping centre is a great way to raise their profile by being associated with big retailers, and for national brands it helps to get their products directly into the local community.

With thousands of promotional venues available across a range of retail and leisure destinations, Access Point can give you direct access to your customers, within your chosen demographics.

Marketing in this way is highly accountable as you can accurately measure the value of your activity in the field, offering vital insight and fully tangible ROI.

Access Point can provide the ideal promotional venue site for your marketing campaign within targeted high footfall locations across the country.  This could be within a retail store, a city centre, a train station, a supermarket, a shopping centre, or even at a festival or show.

Access Point Wickes Citreon

“A recent one day promotion for Citroen Vans, held at Wickes in Letchworth, led to many qualified sales leads, converted into three commercial vehicle sales for the local dealership.  Citroen were extremely pleased with the response to their investment, the cost being more than covered by sales and potential sales taken during the promotion.”

"The management services of PCH, coupled with the experienced input from Access Point, ensure that the promotion will be seen by as many potential customers as possible and return a great Return On Investment.  This is a great way to generate sales leads and promote your brand to your chosen target consumer."

Jonathan Coombe, PCH Event Management.

With a good quality display in a well chosen location, eye catching marketing material and professional, knowledgeable and experienced data capture staff; this method of face to face direct marketing is an excellent choice to target your exact potential customer and can make a significant impact on the growth of a business.

 Please contact our friendly promotional venue management team for further details