Maximise commercialisation at your venues


Access Point Commercialisation is focused on driving growth and enriching customer experiences with tailored commercialisation solutions in Shopping Centres and Retail Parks.


Working together is essential to the successful planning and implementation of commercialisation activity within your scheme, focusing on customer experience and brand partnership.


You will benefit from our extensive experience in establishing and maintaining long-term, successful relationships with many of the UK's top venue owners, while we drive growth and enrich customer experiences with tailored revenue generating solutions.


"We are delighted to have started the commercialisation process with Access Point and look forward to continued growth and innovation over the next 12 months"

Peter Gilliland


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 What we offer you

Strategy Plan

Direct Contact

Strategy plan of all venues to maximise opportunities, quality and overall customer experience.     

Landlords and clients receive direct contact with an experienced team of commercialisation experts.



Access Point manage all internal and external third party promotions and media. Access to our huge database of clients providing you with a wide range of industries and brands.

Creativity and Engagement

Peace of Mind

We create bespoke media and rate cards for each scheme, plan social media promotions and email campaigns to enhance scheme visibility and target industries for scheme promotions. Delivery of peace of mind with robust licenses, payment terms, risk assessments & quality control on all bookings.

Landlord Case Study

Access Point Retailers

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