Wickes Team Win An Amazing Holiday Prize


Affectionately known as ‘The Geezers,’ our Wickes Account Managers James Wilcoxson and Stephen Doyle recently won an amazing holiday prize funded entirely by the generous retailer.



Access Point jay & SteJames & Stephen with their 'big cheques'



In an unprecedented move by Wickes, their promotion account managers were offered the chance to win a holiday prize to the total of £7500 if they were to smash their annual target by over £100,000; this was an increase of over 66% and was definitely a challenge for the team.



In order to achieve the incentive the strategy was to source new industry types, with some turning out to be very successful. As it turns out the team actually smashed the target going over by another 25% in an outstanding record year for the Wickes account.



"When Wickes made me aware they would be willing to offer this incentive I knew it would be a tough ask for the team but I also knew that it could be done. 


This is such a fantastic achievement by James and Stephen as it just shows what hard work and planning can accomplish in not only achieving the target but carrying on to achieve even more once it has been reached! 


We are already pushing Wickes and our other Retailers for more similar incentives."  - Dale Newman, Sales Manager



James says…


Access Point jay“I’m absolutely made up with the holiday, as I have now got the opportunity to take my kids to Disney World, Florida.


I’m really humbled by what Wickes and Access Point have given me, as in reality we’ve be reward for doing our jobs.


We have already set a new target which is a further increase of 35% and we are confident we can hit that by the end of this year.”



Stephen says…


Access Point ste"I am planning to take my wife on a jaunt to St. Petersberg in Florida and we are very happy about this obviously!


It’s a great example of Wickes (and Access Point) 'Doing It Right!' "