Access Point Oscars


The Access Point OscarsAt the end of the financial year, companies are too often focussed on only one thing: their bottom line. But what about the employees who make these things happen? From sales people to accounts, to those making the bacon butties? The end of the financial year is an ideal time to make a fuss of them as well. We shouldn’t just be celebrating success but also the people who put their time and effort into making it. That’s why this year we decided to hold the first Access Point Oscars.


The format for it was simple enough. We’d have three categories for the Sales and Sales Support Departments


  • Manager’s Choice
  • Team Choice
  • Newcomers of the year

 Access Point Oscars - Jacquie, Dale and Special Guest

Manager’s choice reflects those people that had really stood out to the management team and had proved that they had a bright future with the company ahead of them. Team choice shows those people who are indispensable to the team themselves. With so many new faces being added to the expanded Sales and Sales Support teams we decided we also needed to recognise the newest members of the Access Point family as well for the contributions they’ve already brought to the team.


Manager’s Choice


Manager’s Choice for The Sales Team went to Carole who unfortunately had to join us via Skype. We also had a very special guest presenter as you can see!


 Carole Knight

Carole not only consistently achieves new business and sales targets for her account but is constantly creatively thinking outside the box. She’s the definition of a hard working go-getter and supportive not only of her team mates with advice but also to her managers.



Richard HaydenManager’s Choice for The Sales Support Team went to Richard, our Graphic Designer. He’s had a busy year and is always fantastic at his job. He’s creative and has been key in keeping the company’s branding fresh and recognisable across departments and for our new division: Access Point Commercialisation. He’s always smiling and if something needs doing ‘Rich is your man’.



Team Choice


James WoodJames was chosen as the Team Choice for Sales. He’s been a solid character for the Till Receipt team over the past year. Hitting targets consistently and being named top sales person! He’s always looking to help the team out with ideas and keen to keep them motivated. He’s someone you go to for advice on how to grow your account.



Natasha GarlickStaff’s choice for Sales Support went to Natasha, who was promoted in the last year to senior sales support. She’s developed immensely over the last twelve months, a true embodiment of Sales Support, with her work on CRM alone making her a vital cog in the company.


Newcomers of the Year


Anna FarnhillNewcomer of the Year for the Sales Team went to Anna. Her attitude towards the whole sales team has been great, always passing leads over to her team mates. You can always guarantee that Anna will be the one to stay late and always be busily working away. As a newcomer to sales, Anna has embraced a really positive attitude and has a bright future in the company.



Chrissy FearonNewcomer of the Year for The Sales Support Team went to Chrissy. Chrissy settled into Access Point the minute she joined and it seems like she’s been part of the family for years. She always displays our core values, especially in her willingness to help her colleagues whenever they need it. Chrissy is always cheery, wants to learn and always takes on tasks with an open mind.



Stephen HuttonFinally, we had a special award for Steve. Steve works hard keeping the place presentable every day, making sure we can all do our jobs in ways we never think about. But the most revolutionary part of Steve joining the company has undoubtedly been the introduction of the much loved Friday breakfasts! For that alone and all his hard work day in, day out we thought Steve deserved some special recognition.


Of course celebrating staff achievements shouldn’t just be for one day a year… but just occasionally, it’s nice to get a gold statue!


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