Sharrona - 'Frequent Flyer' Winner 2015-16


Access Point Sharrona Bryan

As part of the Access Point Passport incentive scheme, our blonde bombshell Sharrona Bryans was recently crowned the third 'Frequent Flyer' winner for the 2015-16 financial year.


Sharrona Said....


Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!


"With a mouth full of bacon butty I sat in the kitchen eagerly awaiting the results of the Frequent Flyer competition.  Last year I was in the top 10 and this year I was determined to be in the top 5 then maybe next year I would make it to the top 3!


I had tried so hard all year to earn as many stamps as I could via most new business’s, going above and beyond and all the other ways you can earn them. I had seen the success of Lesley and Richard and how well all the other top earners were doing and I wanted a slice of the pie!


As they started reading the names out I realised my goal of top 5 had been exceeded and I was in the top 2! I was thrilled, maybe next year I really could win it! So you could understand my shock when they announced me as the winner. I was ecstatic! £1000 holiday voucher, I couldn’t believe it. All my hard work had paid off and it felt amazing to feel appreciated. I am expecting my first child and this voucher will go a long, long way towards our first holiday together as a family.


Access Point - Incentive Winner

Baby Dobbin-Bryans due July '16


I hadn't really planned what I was going to do with the voucher. Everyone is telling me my dream of backpacking with a baby is a little unrealistic and maybe Butlins would be more suitable! I have always wanted an opportunity for a massive family holiday with our mums, dads, my brother and his family but there has never been a time we could all afford it so I would love to use the voucher to make that happen and help take my family abroad next summer.


It is amazing working for a company who constantly strive to show you your work is appreciated and put so many opportunities in front of you. Since starting Access Point I have done some incredible things including going to Vietnam and now winning the holiday voucher giving me the opportunity to take my family away. It motivates you to continue striving to do your best and shows you that with some graft you can achieve great things.

I am on maternity for half of this year but watch your backs Access Pointers! I am back next year ready and willing to earn them stamps and get to the top of the leader board again!"




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