Richie - Access Points 2nd Frequent Flyer Winner


As part of the Access Point Passport incentive scheme, our graphic designer extraordinaire Richard Hayden was recently crowned the second 'Frequent Flyer' winner for the 2014-15 financial year.


Access Point Richard Hayden


Richie Said....


"Well blow me (down with a feather!)  This year's stamp competition really took it out of me physically and emotionally.  After seeing Lesley strive to victory the previous year I set out with a goal tally in mind.  Having previously had a mediocre stamp result, this year I wanted a piece of what was on offer!  As the year went on I steadily progressed earning and working, earning and working.  My idea was not to get too engrossed in how many stamps I was adding up but to keep my head down and know that my hard work was being rewarded and my rewards were piling up.


As the halfway point arrived I was suddenly diagnosed with STAMP FEVER!  It seemed I was jostling for the No.1 position with a few of the top sales guys.  Right then I decided that this was in my capabilities to challenge and the holiday could be mine to win or lose, so I sold my soul and became the stamp tramp!  I laid down the gauntlet and screamed 'catch me if you can' (which was easily done, I was having a Braveheart moment!!!)


Along the way I cashed in stamps for ‘Love to Shop' vouchers which was nice as I was able to share my rewards with my partner who got half.


Judgement day soon arrived, I knew it was close but realistically I thought I had just missed out....things like this generally don’t happen to me.  I have to admit I had been nervous for weeks as I wanted this so badly, not just for me but for my family who I desperately wanted to take on a two week summer holiday; previously we had only taken short breaks.


 Access Point Richard ChequeRich receives his prize winning cheque from Jeanette and

'crown' from previous winner Lesley



When they announced that the winner was yours truly I was quite emotional, it was an amazing feeling. Thanks to Access Point I spent little time in booking a Farmhouse in France for two weeks in the sun with the family...a place where there is plenty of red wine and cheese, my idea of heaven!


Access Point French HolidayFamily Hayden are looking forward to their French holiday


I’m not sure what this year holds for me or if I can replicate such a good year but I will certainly be giving it a good go as it’s not in my nature to sit back.  Hopefully my win can spur on the Sales Support team (hopefully not too much as I want to retain this title!) as it's great to see someone challenging for the major honours who is in sales support, as they really are the unsung heroes of the company.


I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank all the management team who rewarded me with these little golden stamps of joy, it really does make you feel like your hard work is truly appreciated and obviously a big thanks to David and Jeanette for offering such great incentives in the first place.


I have to go now as there are stamps on offer and I want them THANK YOU!!"