Lesley - Access Points Frequent Flyer Winner

As part of our Access Point Passport incentive scheme, our self titled 'Sales Ninja' Lesley Sherrington was recently crowned the inaugural 'Frequent Flyer' winner for the 2013-14 financial year.

Access Point Small plane

Lesley said....

The competition involved being rewarded with Access Point Stamps, these are given as part of our staff incentive scheme for going over and above. Stamps are given for both work based achievements; individually and as a team, as well as showing consistency, going the extra mile on behalf of your colleagues and generally kicking ass!


The main prize was a £1000 payment towards a holiday of your choice and this would be given to the person with the most Access Point stamps at the end of our financial year, which was 31st January 2014.


As the competition only started in July I initially hoped to achieve over a 100 Stamps, but having reached this level before Christmas I then set my goal higher to 125. Some rewards are only worth a single stamp so I felt it was best to consistently work above & beyond to achieve the maximum available. I was really pleased to have achieved 139 by the end of our financial year.


For me it was important to keep a track of where I was up to and what stamps I had achieved to ensure they were awarded….and of course to keep my manager on his toes ha ha! My venue promotion colleagues Caron & Carole were always hot on my heels and kept me aware of the competition!


The stamps I am most proud of were awarded to the entire venue promotions team for achieving their end of year target several months early. I felt it was a real team effort & we really worked together to qualify for these stamps


I was ecstatic to win the competition and jumped up and down a lot! I knew I had been in the lead but the management did not initially reveal the final month's scores; only telling us it was a very close call before I was finally revealed as the winner.


Access Point Lesley Cheque

Lesley and her prize winning cheque


As we can cash in our Stamps for ‘Duty Free Prizes’ throughout the year I had several great incentives as the competition went on, including a day out at Go-Ape with my step-son, a couple of spa days including one where I took three of my friends as an extra special treat for them. I also had some shopping vouchers, but my all-time favourite was using the stamps to get Dale to make the whole team brews!


Access Point Lesley Go Ape


I haven’t booked my holiday yet but I’m planning to put the prize money towards a trip to New York for 4 days before heading on to the Florida Keys. I’ve never been to America and have always wanted to go so it is amazing to finally have the opportunity & make my dreams come true!! I will be taking my husband…..as long as he behaves ha ha!!!


Access Point NYC

New York City

It’s going to be a tough year for me to try and win again, there is definitely more competition and I am currently only in 3rd place…..but there’s a long way to go and I like to give everyone a chance ha ha!!! My main competition at the moment is Richard from sales support and Caron & Carole from the venue promotions team.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank David & Jeanette and the whole management team for giving us Access Point colleagues this fantastic opportunity, not only to win an amazing once in a lifetime adventure, but also for the continuous ‘Duty Free’ prizes throughout the year. It is great to be appreciated, and as a team we will continue to go above and beyond.