AP Family Day Out - Go Kart Challenge

On Saturday 27th September Team AP & their families headed to the race track for an afternoon of go-karting fun.



Access Point Go Kart DayWe would be racing 'Grand Prix Style’ - 5 lap qualifiers, a 10 lap race and a 15 lap final for the fastest. The invites went out, the team got (very) competitive and the bets were on for who would come first!



Thirty-one were signed up to race, including some very competitive other-halves and some fierce sibling rivalry from the Robertshaws!  Some thought we were at the dodgems (Peter); some took it slow and steady as if they were listening to an episode of The Archers (Amanda) and some even went backwards! Just the one needed a push up the hill but all in all it was a fantastic race, the adrenalin was in full flow and everyone was having a great time.



Access Point Kart Winner Lesley

After the qualifying laps it was time to split the team into speed appropriate groups and starting with the slow race....not that it mattered to Lesley, she was made up to be the winner of the slowies!



The middle race went next resulting in a fierce battle between 'Penelope Pitstop' Jacquie and Lesley's husband Keith.  There could only be one winner as Miss Pitstop beat him to the finish line!



Time for the final race, this time it was for the fastest people.  An all-male race the boys were ready, banter flowing and chests out ready to show their macho-ness!!

    Lesley with her winning kart!


The competition was on; this was what all the banter had been leading up to.  It was to be a fiercely battled race that resulted in a multi-kart pile up at the second corner but everyone was determined, particularly Dom and Jay….it’s amazing what people will do for £10 and of course the glory!!



It was a close call but Dom beat Jay to the finish and there it was, the bet was lost and we had our race winner, Dom.  Jay reluctantly handed over his tenner....better luck next time!



Access Point Dominic Winner

 Race Winner - Dom gets his £10 from 2nd place Jay 


Once the race was over we all got to see our fastest lap placing and the debates and excuses came thick and fast! All in all a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!



Access Point fast race results     Access Point middle race results    Access Point slow race results

Fast Race, Middle Race and Slow Race Results 


Evening came and it was time for the team to finally get their glad rags on and head out for a delicious dinner and the long awaited Prosecco!


Access Point Post Kart Dinner

Dinner and drinks at Auberge to end a fantastic day 



I hear some can’t remember what time they got in so a good day was definitely had by all!