Access Point Christmas Extravaganza 2014


The 2014 Access Point Christmas party was not just any end of year event; it marked a new era in Access Point history as it was to be the launch of our fabulous new building….no pressure then!



The intense planning started. The party was to be held in the Main Hall of our new office, the Old Courthouse. We wanted to create a winter wonderland and needed everything from lighting and catering, to tables and chairs, right down to the last shot glass and ice tong! The biggest issue however was getting the renovations finished in time.



As the week of the party arrived, so did the booze!! Multiple deliveries of lager, wine and of course the fizz! The huge team of builders however were still in full force at the Old Courthouse and despite continued promises that the event space would be ready, the party planning team had definite concerns as there was no Plan B! Even on the morning of the event the tables couldn’t be laid out due to the dust and the lighting technicians had to work around painters to try and get set up.


Access Point Christmas Tree

Bespoke Christmas Tree Designed by Amanda Robertshaw



As the day went on things finally started to fall into place, the black carpet entrance went down, the lighting went up and the tables looked gorgeous. We even had a sparkly dance floor to go with our bespoke sparkly modern art Christmas tree! The bar staff and caterers arrived, as did the band; we were ready to go!



The guests arrived ‘dressed to impress’ – there had even been a beauty salon set up in the board room for the ladies to be given the red carpet treatment with professional hair and make-up! Everyone was amazed by how beautiful the hall looked. As you walked up the marble steps it really felt like you were entering a winter wonderland…. job done!



Access Point Dining Room   Access Point Party Table Decorations   Access Point Christmas Party Dining Room



After a glass (or two) of fizz on arrival, David invited everyone for a tour of the new workspace. Off we all went through to the fantastic new American style diner, then down the corridor to see the art-room, directors office and boardroom, there was even a sneaky look at where the gym will be. Finally the big unveil of the new open plan office space, complete with bespoke spiral staircase up to the mezzanine meeting area. Huge smiles all round at the anticipation of working in such a fabulous space, before heading back to the main hall so the party could begin proper.



Crackers were pulled, delicious food was eaten and we were ready for the dancing to begin! The band, Amplified, were a four piece cover band and they rocked it! Inevitably several of the girls joined them on the mic’s (standard AP party behaviour!)



Access Point Dancing  Access Point Dancing  Access Point Singing  Access Point Dancing  Access Point Dancing



Then for the surprise, who was to arrive but only Father Christmas himself (sort of!) with a bag full of presents. To much excitement each team member was given an individual gift and poor Santa was subjected to a series of selfies, several drunken kisses and quite a lot of twerking!!!



Access Point Presents with Santa  Access Point James and Santa  Access Point Adam and Santa  Access Point David and Santa  Access Point Lesley and Santa



The party continued into the wee small hours. There were a few hic-cups along the way, the fire alarm went off twice (the band played louder until it was fixed) and the cheese course was locked in a side room (sad faces were pressed against the glass but it could not be rescued!) and some naughty person was sick on the step; but all in all the night was a huge success.



It was the best possible welcome we could give The Old Courthouse and a night that will go down in AP history.



….now to bring on the summer and the BBQ roof parties on our new terrace!!



With special thanks to Stephen Rooney at Natural Touch Photography for the wonderful photographs and to James at Humphries AV for the fantastic lighting.