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…and we believe it's our fabulous employees that make us so unique. 

Access Point Team AP 

In early 2013 we began on a journey that came to be called 'Project Evolution'.  Project Evolution was about allowing our team to be the best that they could be, trying to give everyone a great environment to work in by providing the tools needed to excel and enabling them to enjoy coming to work every day.


AP Passport

Since its launch there have been many changes and investments in our team, covering everything from team building and incentives, to additional training and development. This is why we introduced the Access Point Passport Scheme.


It’s now a rite of passage for all new employees as each individual is even issued with their own official AP Passport, including a brief employee profile and rather than their own mug-shot, a picture of a famous character that the holder feels represents them.


Their alter ego is then used in place of an awkward head shot that really isn't our style. The results are often telling; Verruca Salt, Little Miss Chatterbox and even Keith Lemon have all made appearances! 


Access Point Surinder Hatch  Access Point Jenny Wainwright  Access Point Richard Hayden


In celebration of their first 12 months with us, each team member is then immortalised with a personalised version of their alter-ego.


"Project Evolution is about strengthening the company, improving our skill set to make us better at what we do so we continue to grow and become even more successful.  If you surround yourselves with great people, remarkable things will happen."

  Access Point David Robertshaw

David Robertshaw, MD


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